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 Green Roster (Blue + Red ☻)

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PostSubject: Green Roster (Blue + Red ☻)   Thu Aug 06, 2009 7:20 am

This will be red roster:

Overlord of |FBI|<>Level 34


Supreme Owner of |FBI| Red<>Level 33


Co-Supreme Owner of |FBI| Red<>Level 32

Spot open. None. Spot open.

Head Owner of |FBI| Red<>Level 31


Owner of |FBI| Red<>Level 28


Co-Owner of |FBI| Red<>Level 26


Leader of |FBI| Red<>Level 23


Co-Leaders of |FBI| Red<>Level 22


Recruiters of |FBI| Red<>Level 21


Anti Hackers of |FBI| Red<>Level 20


Experienced Members of |FBI| Red<>Level 17


Senior Members of |FBI|Red<>Level 16


Junior Members of |FBI| Red<>Level 15


Members of |FBI| Red<>Level 13,14


New Members of |FBI| Red<>Level 12

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Green Roster (Blue + Red ☻)
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