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 Its me r3v4nge

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PostSubject: Its me r3v4nge   Fri Aug 21, 2009 1:14 pm

Hello guyz

I havent played e.t for a year now because of my damn problem. To those who dont know what my prob is, no servers are coming up in my server list and even if i try to connect to an ip i jsu stays there counting.. No other online game works (all besides runescape) and xfire doesnt not work either.

I miss you alot guyz and i hope FBI will live forever.

SOme people i Remember:

|FBI|$hadow (godlike)
|FBI| Sexy (altough she hated me for some reason)
|FBI| Pink

Alas so much time has passed since i set foot on FBI server soil that i forgot alot of my other friends Sad. I miss you all and im looking forward to your replys Very Happy farao
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Its me r3v4nge
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