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 Allied Clan Request from Triple X

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PostSubject: Allied Clan Request from Triple X   Sat Aug 22, 2009 4:06 pm

Presentation of Triple X:

Triple X Background:
- We've had 2 game servers.
- We've had 4 Founders at the same time.
- We've had /ND/ as an Allied Clan.
- Server arsenal: 1 Wolf ET Game Server, 1 TeamSpeak Voice Server and 1 Website.
- http://www.xxx.ycn-hosting.com/index.php?file=Forum&page=viewforum&forum_id=30
- 1 Allied Clan, 'OuT. (out-clan.tk).
- We've been improved a lot during this week.

Allied Clan Request:
We want most of all extreme fun clans to be our Allied Clans in order we all together would be capable of increasing the fun, spreading it all over to Wolf ET.
An assumption only. I suppose |FBI| is an enormous community in Wolf ET and they have always fun. Note: We don't seek |fun| as an Allied Clan!

Triple X is fighting against injustice. We've got lots of golden protection programs and all is in use for good. We decrease violence!

We'd share our TeamSpeak Voice Server with you if we became Allied Clans.

Contact Info:
Email: janne.hannuksela@gmail.com
MSN Messenger: hannuksela74@hotmail.com
X-Fire: anthies
Website: http://www.xXx.ycn-hosting.com/ - our prior link: www.xXxclan.tk

Anthem the Supreme Owner and the original Founder of the Triple X Clan
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Allied Clan Request from Triple X
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