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 Admin on yet ANOTHER site.

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Did |FBI|Admin hack old |FBI| forum? AKA fbiforums.forumotion.com ?
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I'm pretty sure he did.
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I'm pretty sure he didn't.
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I don't the what the fuck you are talking about.
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I don't know/care.
 100% [ 1 ]
|FBI|Admin gay.
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PostSubject: Admin on yet ANOTHER site.   Mon Aug 31, 2009 6:53 pm

Yes. I made both (I have nolife. D:)

Want free admin on this site too? This one will be harder, but I think that you will do it.

Go to Click here

Now, b4 you go there, I have some stuff to say:

I know theres nobody there (probably) and so I just thought it would be fun to do this. it says random sht and if u the admin you can configure to make it look better. So yah. and maybe get peeps to register there or something
I will basically not be there anymore, and in another post i might give MY account that i created it with to one of you lucky contestants.

So, now that thats all said and done...I guess you can go to site now!!! Now goo goo goooooooooooooo before someone else gets it!

once again, link is Click here

EDIT:Hint:Go throughout the whole forum and see what u can do as a GUEST :OR: REGISTERED. If you registered it doesnt make a diff so..just to warn you.

Dont EVER click on this link. Very Happy Thanks,
(But incase u do....Good Luck....)

Click here for this site i said never to click on. Razz

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Admin on yet ANOTHER site.
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