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 Ban problem ><

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PostSubject: Ban problem ><   Sun Sep 06, 2009 8:42 am

Can someone unban me on FBI Pink? Guy called Godness banned me for botting. LOL. He just got worse day i think,
because I killed him 80% times we met. Sometimes I got my teammates who helped me, but many times it was 1 vs 1.
Suddenly he wrote "Hijack ha" - which I didnt understood. Dont know what it means. Minute later i killed him one more
time and i got banned FOR BOTTING! :O Without even warning, kicking, specing - JUST BAN. He gave me no chance to
defend and to proove my clean play. I will not comment this behaviour because this was simply lame and unfair.

So i wrote this topic. I was a member in FBI Pink about 2 months ago, but i got internet problems (i was offline long time).
When i was back i got no admin lvl so i suppose that im off the clan. If anybody else from FBI saw me on server please
defend me. I was today teammate with Edju, maybe he will tell something.

My nick in game is <PL>HiJack
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Ban problem ><
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