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 Welcome [SHC] (:

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PostSubject: Welcome [SHC] (:   Tue Oct 13, 2009 9:51 am

Glad to have u guys as a allied clan. (:

As |FBI| is your allied clan, I thought it might be good if you guys just get some idea of whats going on. We currently have 4-6 servers and the IP for Grey server is:

IP For Green server: and is currently recruiting.

IP for Orange: and has NQ installed.

IP fa' Pink: and is Jaymod.

I will put ShadowSlayer in charge of Moderator here, and he will be able to add any information.

Once again if you guys did not get there forum site, it is: www.superhumanclan.tk I love you

Dont EVER click on this link. Very Happy Thanks,
(But incase u do....Good Luck....)

Click here for this site i said never to click on. Razz

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Welcome [SHC] (:
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